Two directors re-elected to Texas Peanut Producers Board

The Texas Peanut Producers Board re-elected two board members during elections held in January. Each person elected will serve a six year term, or until the year 2020.

Louis Grissom of Seminole was re-elected to the board, and will serve in an At-Large seat. Additionally, Larry Don Womack was re-elected to his seat in Voting Region Three, which the central peanut-producing region in the state.

Prior to the elections, TPPB divided the state into four separate voting regions. These voting regions allow for board directors to more closely represent the peanut interests of a particular region of the state, and to provide representation for all Texas peanut producers on the board.

At its August 13, 2013, board meeting, TPPB voted to move toward a 9-member board that will be in place by 2016, reduced from it’s 12-person board. In moving toward this new structure, there will be 10 board members starting in 2014.

Under the new board structure, there will be three seats representing West Texas and the Western Panhandle in Voting Region 1 (less two seats from prior structure), two seats representing the Eastern Panhandle and Rolling Plains in Voting Region 2, one seat representing Central Texas in Voting Region 3 (less one seat from prior structure), one seat representing South Texas in Voting Region 4, and there will now be two At-Large seats (an increase of one seat from prior structure). As there will be 9 board seats on TPPB, the voting regions are designed for 7 of the 9 seats to represent a percentage of peanut production in Texas, as reported by the Texas Crop Reporting Service. The Texas Department of Agriculture approved the voting region plan and ratified the election.

The two board members will be sworn in during TPPB’s spring board meeting in Lubbock by Lance Williams, Texas Department of Agriculture.

News releases and legal notices on the election were sent to all major newspapers in the state. The voting period was from January 9-23, 2014.

The next election will be in 2016 with three seats up for election.