Notice: Restricted Chemical Use on Peanuts

Golden Peanut Company reminds peanut growers that they should not use any chemicals that contain the following:

  • Propiconazole (PPZ)
  • Monopotassium Salts
  • Dipotassium Salts
  • Phosphorous Acid

It is possible that the application and use of these products on peanuts may leave a residual that can cause rejection of peanut products by the European Union or other customers. Buyers of US peanuts in the EU must test imported product for several items and the residual that these products may leave behind is one of the restricted substances. Export markets are very important for the US peanut industry and we must make every effort to ensure that we have acceptable product for global consumers.  
Farmers with 2016 peanut option contracts with Golden Peanut signed an addendum to the option contract agreeing not to use these products. Golden reserves the right to test the peanuts for residue at any time.
Contact Kyle Hord if you have any questions.
Kyle Hord
Southwest Regional Procurement Manager
Golden Peanut & Tree Nuts
806-487-6485 – office

Click HERE for a listing of products that MAY NOT be applied to the 2016 peanut crop delivered to Golden Peanut & Tree Nuts. This list is not exhaustive or complete and active ingredients should be noted on any product applied to peanuts to ensure they do not contain PROPICONAZOLE (PPZ) or MONOPOTASSIUM SALTS or DIPOTASSIUM SALTS or ANY PHOSPHOROUS ACID.