Celebrate National Peanut Month with Guest Blogger: Ken’s Kitchn

The month of March is National Peanut Month! Lucky for us, March also coincides with National Nutrition Month. Texas Peanut Producers is happy to welcome guest blogger, Makenzie, of Ken’s Kitchn to our blog this month to help us celebrate peanuts and all of their health benefits! Stop by every Tuesday this month for nutritional recipes featuring our favorite nut! Read more about Makenzie, registered dietician, nutritionist and food blogger, and find more delicious recipes at kenskitchn.com.


The Texas Peanut Producer’s Board and I have teamed up for the month of March to bring you all things peanut. I can’t wait to share some healthy tips and recipes centered on this All-American staple food. This is a match made in heaven, as March is also National Nutrition Month and National Peanut Month.

As we team up for the month of March, I would like the take this opportunity to introduce myself to those who aren’t familiar with my blog. Makenzie’s the name and nutrition is my game. I currently work as a Registered Dietitian providing nutrition and diabetes education to patients in the Houston area. I launched kenskitchn.com to share my love of food and healthy eating with others. To learn more about my journey to bring healthy eating to your fingertips, head over to the blog.


Peanuts happen to be pretty special to me because 1) my father and grandfather farmed peanuts and 2) my Dad’s nickname for me since my first sonogram was Peanut (he said I looked like a little peanut shell).


A few Friday’s ago, I spent the morning venturing through a local farmer’s market and came across peanuts that are packaged and distributed in Texas by a nut company called Hines. If you’ve ever purchased nuts at a Texas sports stadium or grocery store, I’m sure you’ve come across the Dallas-based brand. While I didn’t get to shake the hand of the farmer responsible for producing those peanuts, I spoke with a representative at Hines who informed me that 90% of their packaged peanuts are produced by Texas farmers. So the next time you’re shopping for peanuts, read the packaging, buy local, and support our U.S. farmers.


The month of March has more exciting things to come and I can’t wait to share them all with you. Check back weekly for some nutty treats!