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8 Ways to Use Peanuts This Holiday Season

Preparing gifts for teachers, coworkers and family doesn’t have to be difficult. These recipe and craft ideas are simple and quick for those last minute […]

7 Recipes to Help You Stay Healthy in 2017

Peanut butter is not just delicious, it is a good-for-you treat packed with protein and vitamins. Since 2017 just rolled in, News Year’s resolutions are set to be conquered one day at a time. These recipes offer go-to healthy snacks and meals for keeping up with those 2017 resolutions.

8 Quick and Easy Snacks For Every Peanut Lover

Summer is coming soon and pretty soon we will be spending our days in the Texas heat. Students and teachers are out of school and everyone’s air conditioning bill will soon get a lot higher. Some of us may not have time to prepare extravagant snacks for our kiddos, or for ourselves after a long hard day outside or in the office. Today, you will get to learn a week, and an extra day to reward yourself a bit more, worth of snack ideas that are quick for your busy days and easy for the days you are trying to relax and stay cool.