Kids’ Peanut Playground

Operation Peanut Butter

Click HERE to play Operation Peanut Butter to learn how peanuts get from the field to your plate!

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Print out these coloring pages with yours truly, Tex P. Nut.
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Peanuts are great tasting and great for you.

See how great you are at finding all the peanut-related words in this fun word search game.
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Test your peanut smarts.

Guess the answers to each question then click the peanut next to them to see if you got it right.

How many U.S. presidents were peanut farmers?


President Thomas Jefferson and Jimmy Carter

How many different varieties of peanuts are grown in USA?


Valencia Peanuts, Runner Peanuts, Virginia Peanuts and Spanish Peanuts.

What is the #1 snacking nut in the USA?



Do peanuts grow underground?


Yes. Unlike nuts, peanuts grow in the soil.

Are peanuts nuts?


No. They are legumes, like beans, peas and lentils.