Welcome to the Texas Peanut Producers Board

Texas is the second largest peanut-producing state in the nation. Texas farmers produce hundreds of millions of peanuts every year and ship them around our state, the country and the world. The Texas Peanut Producers Board was founded in 1969 and has worked tirelessly since then to support research programs, provide education, develop markets and promote what we believe are the best peanuts in the world.


We love working for peanuts.



2017 Blog Tour- Day 2 Recap

By: Lindsay Hamer

The 2017 Texas Peanut Blogger Tour began with the 13 Texas bloggers traveling into Lubbock and a peanut packed meal at Las Brisas Steakhouse. Find […]

2017 Blog Tour – Day 1 Recap

By: Lindsay Hamer

The Texas Peanut Producers Board hosted their 2017 Food Blogger Tour this August. This is the second year this event was held. TPPB invited 13 […]

Texas Peanut Crop Update: Planting

By: Lindsay Hamer

Around the state, peanut farmers are anticipating the season ahead. Planting is slowly coming to an end and farmers are now praying for rain and weather […]


Peanut Prices

$424.43 per ton for Runner peanuts
$409.00 per ton for Spanish peanuts
$429.97 per ton for Valencia peanuts
$429.97 per ton for Virginia peanuts
National Peanut Prices posted by the United States Department of Agriculture.
Bag of Peanuts